There is much debate over which part of a man gets noticed first. Is it his hair? His shoes? His smile? The truth is everything gets noticed, so it all needs attention. Frank’s is the premier place to get that attention.

haircuts & shaves.

Frank’s Classic Cut*

Barber – $25
Senior Barber – $29
Expert Barber – $32

Includes deep cleansing shampoo, scalp massage, precision haircut and style, and rejuvenating shoulder and neck massage.
*Prices vary depending on stylist. We’ll be happy to quote a price upon request.

Frank’s 12 & Younger Haircut – $19

For our younger gentlemen who are 12 years of age and under – Just like the Frank’s Classic.

Frank’s Classic Shave – $30

Frank’s professional shave utilizing hot and cold towels, essential oils, warm creme lather, and moisturizing balm.

Head Shave – $30

As close as you can get! Includes hot towels, pre-shave oil, hot lather and after shave balm.

Beard & Mustache Trim – $15

facials, grey-blending, and more.

Frank’s Gentleman’s Facial – $45

Relax in our oversized barber’s chair while you are pampered with hot towels, exfoliating scrubs, rejuvenating lotions, and facial massages. Our facial cleansers, scrubs, toners, moisturizers, and masks are specifically engineered for men’s skin.

Frank’s Executive Hand Detail – $15

Includes Executive level manicure with exfoliating hand and forearm massage.

Waxing Service – $15

Say goodbye to ear hair, nose hair and that unibrow. Frank’s will get rid of it for you.

Grey-Blending – $30

Hair color so subtle, all they’ll notice is the younger-looking you. The effect lasts for a month. For an additional charge, color may also be applied to sideburns.

signature combinations.

Frank’s Combo – $40

Includes Classic Cut, along with Executive Hand Detail.

Frank’s Favorite – $70

Includes Classic Cut, Classic Shave, and Executive Hand Detail.

Frank’s Pick Six – $150

Choice of Six Classic Cuts, Six Classic Shaves, Six Executive Hand Details, or any combination.

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